12 Days
141 Kms
Lisbon, Évora, Coast
Easy to medium


If you are searching for walking tours Europe, you should serously consider Portugal!

With 12 days you can really explore the south region of Portugal. Start by discovering the city centre of Lisbon and the surrounding Natural Parks. Then spend 3 days walking in the interior of the region of Alentejo, where we say “time is time”.  Discover castles and undulating hills where unexpected views are always surprising you. Visit a winery or two if this is what you like. Finish your holiday walking 4 days in our impressive coast line.

Day 8 can be tyring. If you have an extra day do the transfer in one day and the walk on the next.

A taste of everything for a memorable holiday if you have multi-days to walk in Portugal!

Other combinations are possible if you want multi-days walk Portugal.

If you want a tailor made trip just contact us! We can combine your walking holiday with wine tastings, pottery making, cheese farm visits, cork learning, cycling, canoeing.

Before booking consult our terms&conditions. And don’t forget: for walking tours Europe, choose portugal!


Day 1

Arrival. Check in at hotel in Lisbon.

  • Accommodation: to be decided, 3 stars level. Possible to up grade to 4 stars or boutique hotel.

Day 2

Lisbon old quarters are fascinating to discover on footThis easy walking tour will take you through the centuries, since the Phoenicians have settled here, almost 3000 years ago. For 3 hours we will explore the picturesque neighbourhoods around the Downtown area including Alfama, the Castle of S. Jorge, Chiado and Bairro AltoDiscover all about the tragic earthquake that changed Lisbon forever in 1755 and delight yourselves on a Ginginha and the Pastel de Nata, two delicious Portuguese specialties.

  • Location: Lisbon
  • Distance: 6 km’s
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Meals: Not Included
  • Accommodation: Same Hotel in Lisbon.

Day 3

In only a few hours, you will see and experience the World Heritage Site of Sintra in a way almost no visitor does: not only will you visit the village with its old palaces and manor houses but also the natural and exotic environment that <surrounds it. Sintra is a prime Portuguese highlight. Since the ancient times its nature and beautiful rock formations have been attracting many people. It has always been a favourite spot for Romans, Arabs and the Portuguese Aristocracy.
The local pastry is simply delicious and off course you have the right to taste one! 

  • Location: Sintra
  • Distance: 7 to 12 km’s
  • Difficulty:Easy or Medium
  • Meals: Not Included
  • Accommodation: Same Hotel in Lisbon.

Day 4

The day starts the day by visiting the castle of Sesimbra, with stunning views over the village and the ocean. The mountain hiking trails of Arrábida Natural Park follow a true Mediterranean environment mixing vineyards, cork tree forests and dramatic views over steep limestone cliffs. Transfer from Arrábida to the farm.

  • Location: Sesimbra
  • Distance: 7 to 11 km’s
  • Difficulty:Easy or Medium
  • Meals: Dinner at the farm
  • Accommodation: At our farm, Monte do Serrado de Baixo.

Day 5

Leaving the guesthouse towards the 16th century aqueduct, built to solve the water shortages in the city, this walk will lead to the Ancient city of Évora. Along the way the small farms and aromatic herbs that grow by the aqueduct will keep you company. To end the day, after a visit to the most relevant historical sites, there is nothing better then a cool calm drink in Évora centre square surrounded by age old buildings feeling the flow of life passing you by.

  • Location: Évora
  • Distance: 12 to 15 km’s – your choice
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Meals: Not Included
  • Accommodation: Same Hotel in Évora.

Day 6

Today while we follow along the lovely river Degebe. We discover old water mills and try to imagine how they worked. Then we leave the river side and start walking up to conquer wonderful views. Finally a castle starts to take shape in the horizon. It is the surreal castle of Valongo, built in the middle of nowhere by, some say, the Romans.

  • Location: Évora
  • Distance: 12 km’s
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Lunch: Not Included
  • Dinner: Included on guided tours
  • Accommodation: Same Hotel in Évora.

Day 7

The unforgettable village of Monsaraz, built in a castle on top of a hill, is always at view. Schist Rock walls will guide the walk around the beautiful fortification and finally the last climb conquers the castle and its stunning well-kept village and views over the Alqueva lake.In season you can even finish with a swim or a canoe trip!On the way back to the farm visit a pottery in São Pedro do Corval.

  • Location: Monsaraz
  • Distance: 16 km’s
  • Picnic Lunch: Along the way, included in guided tours
  • Dinner: Not included – you can order at our farm, or go to the city for a change!
  • Accommodation: Same hotel in Évora.

Day 8

Transfer to Porto Covo early morning. Walking from Porto Covo to Beach of Malhão or to Vila Nova de Milfontes

Today we start by visiting a cheese factory, where we learn about the simple secrets of this delicious and always present delicacy.  After we will drive to the beautiful Alentejo Coast.

Porto Covo is a fisherman village with a charming architecture and relaxing atmosphere. We start by visiting the fort of the Pessegueiro Island (no entrance), from where we have a fantastic view over the cliffs. We stroll along cliffs, sand dunes and beaches. In low tide we can walk along the beach for part of the day. It will be 10 kms until the beach of Malhão, from where a transfer will take us to Vila Nova de Milfontes. Arriving to Vila Nova de Milfontes we’ll take in the gorgeous views over the river mouth, and enjoy a swim in the ocean or in the river. Vila Nova de Milfontes is a beautiful little town, and you’ll enjoy walking around its streets and maybe doing some shopping! 

The hotel is just by the river/beach.

  • Location: Porto Covo
  • Distance: 10 km’s
  • Lunch: Along the way, included in guided tours
  • Dinner: Included on guided tours
  • Accommodation: Pensão Zé Inácio, in Porto Covo.

Skip the cheese factory and have an early wake up call.
Transfer at 7 am to reach Porto Covo at 9.30.

Then we do the walk described above and continue for 10 kms more until Vila Nova de Milfontes. We will walk along wonderful scenery and impressive cliffs. We visit the fishing port “Porto das Barcas” where we can walk to the “middle of the ocean”.You can talk to the fisherman and see the local fish.

  • Location: Porto Covo
  • Distance: 20 km’s
  • Lunch: Along the way, included in guided tours
  • Dinner: Included on guided tours
  • Accommodation: Pensão Zé Inácio, in Porto Covo.

Day 9

We start with a beautiful river crossing on a small boat, enjoying the wonderful view over the village as we get away from it. Then we will be walking along the Coast.
The day has a lot of variety, mixing inland stretches with very diversified geologic formations, agriculture crops and grazing animals.
There are 2 long beaches where you can walk instead of following the trail.

  • Location: Vila Nova De Milfontes
  • Distance: 15 + 2.5 km’s– your choice
  • Difficulty:Medium
  • Tranfer Included: Riverboat
  • Picnic Lunch: Included in guided tours
  • Dinner: Included in guided tours
  • Accommodation: HS Social or at a lovely farm Monte do Zambujeiro (Upgrade cost) in Vila Nova de Milfontes.

Day 10

Almograve beach will set the beginning of the day’s walk just until the fishing port.
Then some sand dunes will wait for you, challenging your determination along beautiful scenery. The sand changes colours and sometimes you feel like walking along a desertStorks and other wild life keeps you company and their sounds will briefly interrupt your thoughts every once in a while. In season watch their babies in the nests that are so close to you that a zoom lenses is sometimes unnecessary! This is the only place in the world where the storks build their nests on rocky islets sticking out of the ocean.

  • Location: Almograve
  • Distance: 8+8+4 km’s– You may walk the 3 parts or get a taxi in the end of any of the parts
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Picnic Lunch: Included in guided tours
  • Dinner: Not Included
  • Accommodation: Rosa dos Ventos, in Zambujeira.

Day 11

If the cliffs were wonderful yesterday, get ready for a surprise! The rocks today will become truly black, contrasting with the blue ocean even more than the orange limestone does. Some colourful small fantastic beaches will tempt you for a swim… do not fight it!At the mouth of the Seixe river you will find the most breathtaking view waiting for you, almost like a farewell gift! End of our walking along the Coast.
From here walk down to the beach, where you can choose between a swim in the river or in the ocean.

  • Location: SW Coast
  • Distance: 8+6+4 km’s– You may walk the 3 parts or get a taxi in the end of any of the parts
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Picnic Lunch: Included in guided tours
  • Dinner: Included in guided tours
  • Accommodation: Casa hospedes Celeste, in Odeceixe.

Day 12

Transfer to Lisbon.

General Map

Day 1 – Lisbon City Centre

Day 2 – Sintra Hike
Day 3 – Arrábida Hike
Day 4 – The Silver Water Aqueduct
Day 5 – Conquest of the Castle of Valongo
Day 6 – Medieval Village
Day 7 – The Island Route
Day 8 – The Beaches Route
Day 9 – The Sand Dunes
Day 10 – The Cliffs

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