The philosophy in our walks in Portugal is simple!

Our walks in Portugal combine, with charm and harmony, the active discovery of the Alentejo’s heritage and landscape with the pleasures of a good wine and local gastronomy.

With this philosophy we organize walks in Portugal, cycling holidays, expeditions for families and friends and outdoor events, which promote team building for company groups.

We have also written several guidebooks promoting our region, creating an important footprint of tools and information to help to a better understanding of our region.
And recently we created a unique sense of well being in our guesthouse near Évora to welcome you.

To keep it short, we can only say… it’s been 28 years. It’s a long time! It’s about Turaventur!

Our mission is…

To proudly offer our guests the Alentejo with its clean air and endless landscapes of land and sea. No stress, no worries.

We believe in what we do. Our guides are specialists and multi-skilled, experienced and determined, careful and thoughtful. They know how to be there for you, they’ll make you feel safe and they’ll make sure you’ll have fun, relax and enjoy.


We believe…

In sustainable tourism, local partners, top quality services.

In tourism as a powerful source of peace, friendship and understanding between people and as a mean of sustainable local development and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage.


We feel…

Privileged to have this job and to be able to discover and share with you the beautiful and bright side of our world.


Our Partnerships and Publications

With more that than 15 titles that we have either authored or co-authored, we would like to highlight: 

– Viagens na Nossa Terra (Journeys in Portugal), publ. Reader’s Digest (we are the authors of most of the texts on the Alentejo)
– Percursos de Natureza no Norte Alentejano (Nature Excursions in the Alentejan North), publ. RT de S. Mamede
– Guia Turístico da Planície Dourada (Tourist Guide to the Golden Plain), publ. RT da Planície Dourada
– Passeios entre o Xisto e o Mármore (Excursions among Schist and Marble), publ RT Évora
– 30 Dias no Norte Alentejano – Guia de Sugestões (30 days in the Alentejan North – suggestions for your visit), publ. RT de S. Mamede
– The Best of The Alentejo
– Da Terra à Mesa – Guia de experiências enogastronómicas do Alentejo e Ribatejo (From farm to table), ed. ERT Alentejo/Ribatejo

Turaventur is also associated as a member of:


Turaventur has the honour to detain the Quality Seal!


We are proud holders of APECATE’s Quality Seal, which is audited and guaranteed by SGS, the world’s leading independent certification company.


APECATE’s Quality Seal guarantees high operating standards along five key dimensions:

  • Transparency and accuracy of the information we provide to our customers;
  • Feedback – in every trip we ask our clients to complete a comprehensive evaluation form that we use to improve our performance;
  • Environmental performance – we strive to minimise our environmental footprint, and whenever possible, to improve the places we visit;
  • Safety – all our team members were thoroughly trained to follow our comprehensive health and safety procedures and all our tours include at least one first-aid qualified guide; and
  • Human Resources – all our employees are regularly evaluated on both the hard and soft skill relevant for each sector .

We would be delighted to share our written policies and procedures with you upon request.