Walking in Paradise

Enjoy our charming farm. Take beautiful walks. Relax at our garden with your favorite book and a good wine.
5 days
45 Kms
Portugal walk

Arrábida Walking Tour

True Mediterranean environment. Unforgettable views over the sea, great contrast between green majestic hills and the blue ocean.
1 Day
6 Kms
Hiking in Europe

Silver Water Aqueduct

Charming country side walk along the aqueduct with plenty of history to discover. Visit to a local farm and aromatic
1 Day
15 Kms
Megalithic Monuments walking tour

Megalithic Monuments

Visit the cromelech of Almendres and the Dolmen of Zambujeiro. Learn about cork trees and olive oil production. Hike or
1 Day
19 Kms
Walking Portugal

Bike and Hike

Walk along the fantastic «Silver Water» Aqueduct until a beautiful farm, Monte do Serrado de Baixo, and come back to Évora by
1 Day
8 Kms + 10 Kms
Sintra walking tour

Sintra Walking Tour

Visit Sintra and hike in green tall forests. Conquer astonishing sea views. Granite boulders pop up mysteriously from the ground.
1 Day
8 Kms
Walking tour Portugal

Lisbon Discovery

It is just magical to walk in a city center such as Lisboa. And just nearby, discover amazing Natural Parks
5 days
26 Kms

Wild Southwest Coast

Best hiking tours in Portugal. World class walking. You’ll be overwhelmed by the cliffs, the storks and the ocean.
5 days
54 Kms

Heritage Trail

Explore 2 really different areas of Portugal - the natural parks of Sintra and Arrábida and the alentejo region.
8 Days
50,5 Kms
Walking tours Portugal
Best Seller!

Step by Step

Walking tour based in 3 gorgeous accommodations: a farm, a convent and a manor house in medieaval Monsaraz.
8 Days
95 Kms

Walking in Paradise

Enjoy our charming farm. Take beautiful walks. Relax at our garden with your favorite book and a good bottle of
8 Days
68 Kms
Portugal Walking Tours
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Castles and Beaches

Portugal Walking Tour exploring Inland Cork forest and Olive Groves and Impressive Coastline along the fisherman trails.
8 Days
103 Kms
Walking tour

10 Days Walking Tour

Discover the city centre of Lisbon and surrounding Natural Parks, the castles of the ALentejo and the SW Coast in 10 days.
10 days
128 Kms
Walking tours europe

12 Days Walking Tour

Wonderful walking tours along the coast and inland. Easy to medium level. Taylor made program. Lisbon, inland and Coast in
12 Days
141 Kms
Fisherman trail Portugal

14 Days Walking Tour

Explore Lisbon Natural Parks, inland castles, vineyards and cork forest and coastline. The prettiest and wildest beaches. 14 days.
14 Days
151 Kms
Portugal bike tour

Walk and Bike

Combine Walking and Cycling to reach a perfect holiday! Packages available from 3 to 16 days, taylor made. See our
76 Kms + 211 Kms
Évora, Coast
Portugal Kaiak tours

Walk and Kayak

A perfect combination to see different perspectives. Gorgeous views. Perfect for kids or people looking for soft adventure.
66 Kms+ Kayak
Lisbon, Évora
Portugal cycling tours

Walk, Bike and Kayak

Discover our region walking, cycling and kayaking. If you have kids, they love variety.  If they are happy, YOUR holiday
54 Kms + 56 Kms + Kayak
Lisbon, Évora

Walk and Cook

Walking days and Cooking evenings – Learn about local food with our Chefs after a Beautiful Hiking day.
8 Days
75 Kms