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Portugal kaiak tours – Walk and Kayak

In our Portugal Kaiak Tours you will discover our region walking and kayaking. Either in the ocean, on the Arrábida Natural Park, or in our beautiful river Degebe inland, Kayaking is always a relaxing and fun activity. Mixing it with some walking tours can make a great holiday!

Trips are of easy level so children are welcome. They love variety, so if you bring them also consider the WALK, BIKE AND HIKE option.

Other combinations are possible, so if you want a tailor made trip just contact us! We can combine your walking holiday with wine tastings, pottery making, cheese farm visits, cork learning, cycling, canoeing.

This trip can be shorter, so if you have less days just chose your favorite trips from our itenerary and we will do a budget for you, with or without accomodation.

Before booking consult our terms&conditions.


Day 1


Day 2

  • The old and the new, the past and the present, the huch huch of a cosmopolitan city and the old quiet re-invented neighbourhoods side by side. Every stone around you tells the great story of an even greater Lisboa with its relation with the sea, the palaces, the revolution, and the big earthquake.
  • Indulge yourself in a Pastel de Nata – you will never forget them – and a typical Ginginha. Tehn we will go walking around Lisbon. Get ready to explore the uniqueness of the natural parks of Sintra and Arrábida. Each of them with its own wonders, totally different and both so close to the city!

Day 3

  • The trails of Sintra Natural Park offer superb hiking among dense forests and with astonishing sea views. In our walk tour in Sintra, in only a few hours, you will see and experience the World Heritage Site of Sintra in a way almost no visitor does: not only you will visit the village with its old palaces and manor houses but also the natural and exotic environment that surrounds it.

Day 4

  • Sea kayaking is one of the most exclusive ways of exploring the coastal areas, where we will get to places no one else does.
    Arrábida Natural Park is one of the Portuguese jewels and a very unique spot for sea kayaking, which has a dramatic steep limestone cliffs in a trueMediterranean environment gives usbreathtaking views.
    The unspoiled and many times deserted beaches makes us feel privileged, and in only a few hours, you will experience this special, unique and picturesque atmosphere.
  • Transfer to Évora, to Monte do Serrado de Baixo

Day 5

  • Leaving the guesthouse towards the 16th century aqueduct, built to solve the water shortages in the city, this walk will lead to the Ancient city of Évora. Along the way the small farms and aromatic herbs that grow by the aqueduct will keep you company. To end the day, after a visit to the most relevant historical sites, there is nothing better then a cool calm drink in Évora centre square surrounded by age old buildings feeling the flow of life passing you by.

Day 6

  • Enjoy the beautiful Holm oak forest dotted by impressive granite boulders which, 6000 years ago, were used by our ancestors to build their burial sites and magic cult sites. Discover these sites and their surroundings. You will visit the Dolmen of Zambujeiro – biggest in Europe, the Cromlech of Almendres, the Menir of Almendres and the church of Mitra.

Day 7

  • Today while we follow along the lovely river Degebe. We discover old water mills and try to imagine how they worked. Then we leave the river side and start walking up to conquer wonderful views. Finally a castle starts to take shape in the horizon. It is the surreal castle of Valongo, built in the middle of nowhere by, some say, the Romans.

Day 8

Enjoy canoeing in Évora, an experience you won’t forget!

  • In a canoe, explore the calm waters of the river Degebe or paddle across the beautiful Divor Lake.
    A delight for the senses accompanied by the natural orchestra of the riverside birds.
    After a deserved local snack, enjoy the walk along the riverbank where rabbits, hares and partridges live amongst cows and sheep.
    Hours of total relaxation, ideal for those in search of peace and tranquillity.

Day 9

Finish your holiday or continue walking along the Wild SouthWest Coast

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Portugal Kaiak tours
Walk and Kayak
Walk and Kayak
Walk and Kayak
Walk and Kayak
Walk and Kayak

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