Megalithic Monuments walking tour

Megalithic Monuments

Visit the cromelech of Almendres and the Dolmen of Zambujeiro. Learn about cork trees and olive oil production. Hike or Bike.
1 Day
19 Kms
Portugal walk

Arrábida Walking Tour

True Mediterranean environment. Unforgettable views over the sea, great contrast between green majestic hills and the blue ocean.
1 Day
6 Kms
Sintra walking tour

Sintra Walking Tour

Visit Sintra and hike in green tall forests. Conquer astonishing sea views. Granite boulders pop up mysteriously from the ground.
1 Day
8 Kms
Hiking in Europe

Silver Water Aqueduct

Charming country side walk along the aqueduct with plenty of history to discover. Visit to a local farm and aromatic herbs garden.
1 Day
15 Kms
Walking Portugal

Bike and Hike

Walk along the fantastic «Silver Water» Aqueduct until a beautiful farm, Monte do Serrado de Baixo, and come back to Évora by bike.
1 Day
8 Kms + 10 Kms