Sintra Walking Tour

Visit Sintra and hike in green tall forests. Conquer astonishing sea views. Granite boulders pop up mysteriously from the ground.

Arrábida Walking Tour

True Mediterranean environment. Unforgettable views over the sea, great contrast between green majestic hills and the blue ocean.

Megalithic Monuments

Visit the cromelech of Almendres and the Dolmen of Zambujeiro. Learn about cork trees and olive oil production. Hike or Bike.

Silver Water Aqueduct

Charming country side walk along the aqueduct with plenty of history to discover. Visit to a local farm and aromatic herbs garden.

Bike and Hike

Walk along the fantastic «Silver Water» Aqueduct until a beautiful farm, Monte do Serrado de Baixo, and come back to Évora by bike.