76 Kms + 211 Kms
Évora, Coast
Easy + to medium

Portugal Bike Tour – Walk and Bike

Bike Tour combined with Walking Tour.

The perfect combination, for us, would be the one bellow. This because walking on our coast is World Class and cycling in the interior of the Alentejo is quite perfect.

If you have a few days to add Lisbon to your holiday then you may add walking, cycling or kayaking in the Natural park of Sintra plus the discovery of the city itself.

If you have less days cut 1 walking day and 1 cycling day.

Other combinations are possible, so if you want a tailor made trip just contact us! We can combine your walking holiday with wine tastings, pottery making, cheese farm visits, cork learning, canoeing and cycling.

If you prefer you may simply book a Portugal Bike tour. See our Portugal Best Cycling website.

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Day 1

We recomend you transfer to Porto Covo in one day and start walking in the next.


Day 2

  • OPTION 1
    Porto Covo is a fisherman village with a charming architecture and relaxing atmosphere. We start by visiting the fort of the Pessegueiro Island (no entrance), from where we have a fantastic view over the cliffs. We stroll along cliffs, sand dunes and beaches. In low tide we can walk along the beach for part of the day. It will be 10 kms until the beach of Malhão, from where a transfer will take us to Vila Nova de Milfontes. Arriving to Vila Nova de Milfontes we’ll take in the gorgeous views over the river mouth, and enjoy a swim in the ocean or in the river. Vila Nova de Milfontes is a beautiful little town, and you’ll enjoy walking around its streets and maybe doing some shopping!
  • OPTION 2Then we do the walk described above and continue for 10 kms more until Vila Nova de Milfontes. We will walk along wonderful scenery and impressive cliffs. We visit the fishing port “Porto das Barcas” where we can walk to the “middle of the ocean”.You can talk to the fisherman and see the local fish.

Day 3

  • Walking from Vila Nova de Milfontes to Almograve.
    We start with a beautiful river crossing on a small boat, enjoying the wonderful view over the village as we get away from it.
    The day has a lot of variety, mixing inland stretches with very diversified geologic formations, agriculture crops and grazing animals.
    There are 2 long beaches where you can walk instead of following the trail.
    In April and May, the flowers dot the landscape with many different colours and we keep stopping for pictures!

Day 4

  • Walking from Almograve to Entrada da Barca/Zambujeira.
    Almograve beach will set the beginning of the day’s walk just until the fishing port.
    Then some sand dunes will wait for you, challenging your determination along beautiful scenery. The sand changes colours and sometimes you feel like walking along a desert. Storks and other wild life keeps you company and their sounds will briefly interrupt your thoughts every once in a while. In season watch their babies in the nests that are so close to you that a zoom lenses is sometimes unnecessary! This is the only place in the world where the storks build their nests on rocky islets sticking out of the ocean. From cape Sardão until the end of the day the ancient ever-changing coastline will be the treat of the day.

Day 5

  • Walking from Zambujeira to Odeceixe
    If the cliffs were wonderful yesterday, get ready for a surprise! The rocks today will become truly black, contrasting with the blue ocean even more than the orange limestone does. Some colourful small fantastic beaches will tempt you for a swim… do not fight it!At the mouth of the Seixe river you will find the most breathtaking view waiting for you, almost like a farewell gift!
    From here walk down to the beach, where you can choose between a swim in the river or in the ocean.

Day 6

Transfer to Évora.

Day 7

There are 5 cycling routes between day 5 and 11, so you can chose how many days you want to stay.

  • Along the ecotrail, a bike lane built on an old railway, through small farms, you’ll get to Graça do Divor, a very well preserved white and blue village .

Day 8

  • The bike tour leaves the farm direction of Igrejinha, a very white village where all houses have stripes with different colors, given a great painting look to the place.

Day 9

  • In the morning we cycle to Évora and unravel the amazing history of this old beautiful city, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

Day 10

  • The bike tour starts on a road with plenty of olive groves, gently up and down until Nossa Senhora de Machede.

Day 11

  • We propose an easier cycling day, perfect to end with our cooking class! From our farm you will cycle to a cheese factory where you may do a visit and tasting.

Day 12


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