Wild Southwest Coast

Portugal walks

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  • Walking along the coast in really isolated tracks
  • Lovely fisherman villages
  • Delicious seafood.
  • Endless views from high cliffs
  • One of the best Portugal walks – ask anyone!

The wild Alentejo Coast, is a World class walking area. You’ll be overwhelmed by the endless views, the rough sea and the contrast between the blue ocean and the colorful rocks. Stork nests hanging on top of pointy rocks challenge gravity and the flora and bird watching are as rich as it gets.

This track is simply unforgettable. If you can only do one Portugal walk, this is it!

This route can be done either guided or self-guided. Picking a guided tour will give us the opportunity to personally explore and interpret with you all the monuments, culture, gastronomy and traditions of our people. With a guide you may decide what when and where along the way really customizing your tour. And we will have the opportunity to get to know you and share a bit of who we are.

We hope you enjoy our Portugal Walks!


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