1 Day
19 Kms

You will love our Megalithic Monuments Évora Tour.

Enjoy the beautiful holm oak forest dotted by impressive granite boulders. 6000 years ago they were used by our ancestors to build their burial sites and magic cult sites. In our megalithic monuments tour we walk through the most important megalithic monuments in the region! Visit the Dolmen of Zambujeiro, the Menir of Almendres and the Cromeleck of Almendres.

On our hike we enjoy the grazing land where horses wander around in no hurry. And we discover the wonders of cork extraction.

    DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION We pick you up at your hotel, drop you off at starting point, pick you up from finishing point

    Before booking our megalithic monuments Évora tour see terms&conditions.

    *Guided Tour
    ** Self Guided Tour

    GT* (per person)SGT** (per person)
    Minimum 4 Adults45€30€
    Minimum 2 Adults60€45€
    Children (up to 12 years old)25€25€
    Transfer from the city centre to the starting point
    Transfer from the end of the tour to city centre
    Map with route instructions and history notes
    Personal Accident Insurance
    VAT Tax

    If you have a car with you we can organize a cheaper option: you drive your car behind us to the finishing point. Then we drive you to the starting point. When you get to the end you have your car there. This will save 25 € to the groups’s price.

    You may do this tour at any date, subject to availability. Just fill in the booking form .

    Megalithic Monuments
    Megalithic Monuments
    Megalithic Monuments
    Megalithic Monuments
    Megalithic Monuments

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